Berkner High School Army JROTC

BHS Raider Team

The Raider Team, consisting of highly motivated BHS JROTC Cadets with exceptional leadership and physical fitness qualities, conducts team building and leadership skill-enhancing events utilizing a variety of military non-combat tasks and outdoors adventure equipment and facilities.

 Qualifications for Membership

üMust be a BHS JROTC Cadet in good standing.
üMust be a strong swimmer.
üMaintain a 2.5 GPA.
üExhibit excellent military bearing, discipline, accountability, and responsibility.
üPass Physical Fitness Test for appropriate age and gender.
üNot afraid of heights.
üDisplay leadership qualities.

Training Events

Rope Bridge
Poncho Raft
Ranger Swim
Physical Fitness
First Aid
Combat Inner Tube Relay
Push Ball
Tug of War
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